Structural Engineering Services

Parking buildings

We provide design of parking buildings in all sizes with strong experience in structural engineering and construction. We also provide layout design of parking buildings.

Commercial buildings

We provide design for commercial buildings with cost effective frame in the current market situation. Frame is usually mix of steel, precast and cast in-situ concrete, because then  we can benefit every solution's good features.

Warehouse and logistic buildings

We provide design of concrete or steel framed warehouse and logistic buildings and data centers, considering the individual needs of different operators and clients.

Residential apartment buildings

We design residential apartment buildings with concrete frames, listening to the customer's wishes, as a cast in-situ or precast building or combinations of cast in-situ and precast.

Post-tensioned structures

We provide unbonded and bonded post-tension design with cost-effective and user friendly solutions. Our special areas of expertise are load transfer structures and watertight tanks.

 Tanks and pools 

We have expertise in designing containers and pool structures. Applications include waste water treatment, agricultural tanks, clean water tanks, sprinkler water tanks, swimming pools. The range of solutions includes cast-in-place and prefabricated pools that can be post-tensioned with bonded or unbonded tendons.

 Heating plants and power stations

In addition to cast-in-place structures, the structures of heating plants and power stations typically consist of precast concrete and steel structures. We take care of the overall design.

 Third party inspection

We provide third party inspection for structural designs and on-site inspections. Our special area of expertise are post-tensioned concrete structures, watertight structures, glass railing structures and barrier railing systems.

Repair and strengthening design

We act as structural technical support at repair sites, enabling new usage needs and extending the life cycle of the building. Special areas of expertise are capacity calculation of old structures and increasing the load-bearing capacity by strengthening structures with, for example, external tendons.

Infrastructure and industrial sites

As a structural designer, we also work with industrial and infrastructure structures. Typical structures are pile slabs, retaining walls, tanks and containers, crane foundations and building frames. We provide post-tensioning records and support plans for post-tensioned bridges.

Schools and daycare centers

In the structural design of schools and daycare centers, the emphasis is on sustainable and safe solutions functionally and in terms of moisture and sound technology. For these reasons, concrete is often chosen as the frame structure to be used. In addition to structural and element design, we serve as a building physical designer.

 On-site services

We provide on-site supervision in the field of structural engineering and we can assist the client in the procurement process, quantity and  cost evaluations. We prepare reinforcement lists and other material lists according to the customer's needs.

 Engineer of record

We provide the duties of engineer of record cooperatively and cost-consciously.

Precast design

We prepare plans for precast elements for our sites, where we act as the engineer of record and when possible to other sites as well.

Optimization of structures

We optimize post-tensioned and reinforced concrete structures in terms of used material. At the same time, we check the possibilities to simplify the implementation and speed up the construction.

 Tender phase design

We endorse the client with cost-effective structural solutions. We create drafts and quantity evaluations for the client.

Research and development

We refine Diamond ideas together with the customer into a finished product. We help in the development of new solutions both on land and at sea. We prepare dynamic tools and model details for product suppliers for use by designers.

Analysis and modeling services

We analyze and design structures with appropriate calculation tools. We use carefully selected fem softwares for the most demanding applications. Also in the preparation of plans, the tools are selected according to the requirements of the structure. For building information modeling, we use Autodesk's Revit software. We also make model merging to be as one full model of all different parties.