Parking Buildings

We provide design of parking buildings in all sizes with strong experience in structural engineering and construction. We also provide layout design of parking buildings.

Post-Tensioned Structures

We provide unbonded and bonded post-tension design with cost-effective and user friendly solutions. Our special areas of expertise are load transfer structures and watertight tanks.

Commercial Buildings

We provide design for commercial buildings with cost effective frame in the current market situation. Frame is usually mix of steel, precast and cast in-situ concrete, because every solution has it's pros and cons.

Warehouse and Logistic Buildings

We provide design of concrete or steel framed warehouse and logistic buildings, considering the individual needs of different operators and clients.

 Engineer of Record

We provide the duties of engineer of record cooperatively and cost-consciously.

 Tender Phase Design

We endorse the client with cost-effective structural solutions. We create drafts and quantity evaluations for the client.

 Third Party Inspection

We provide third party inspection for structural designs and on-site inspections. Our special area of expertise are post-tensioned concrete structures and watertight structures.

 On-Site Services

We provide on-site supervision in the field of structural engineering and we can assist the client in the procurement process, quantity and  cost evaluations.