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Structural Studio's expertise is based on demanding concrete structures and their structural design. We are cooperative structural engineering professionals, and we utilize our earlier experience in the field of procurement and contracting. In addition to our values, our work is conducted by structural safety, cost-effectiveness, and site-friendly solutions.

Structural Studio Ltd was founded in April 2020. The company has experience in design and construction of demanding cast-in-situ concrete structures, especially in post-tensioned concrete structures since year 2005. We have experience in the structural design of over hundred parking buildings, several commercial buildings and post-tensioned concrete tanks and containers.

We use carefully selected softwares helping our design in analyzing structures, modeling, drawing up plans, combining models from different parties and calculating quantities.

Our main business area is Finland for all the services we provide. We also offer our services in the design of post-tensioned concrete structures in Northern European countries.

We listen our customers' needs, and we offer a great customer experience through our best know-how, openness, and straightforward operations. We believe this is a good way to build sustainable customer relationships.

Our Mission

Easily the best - lessons learned!

Our Vision

Most wanted partner in the field of demanding concrete structures.

Our Values

Low hierarchy
Continuous learning
Balanced life

Career Opportunities

Structural Engineer / Project Manager!

We operate in parking, logistics, commercial and residential projects. In addition, we also act as a structural designer of post-tensioned structures and as an third party inspector for structural designs. If you want to work in this type of projects in expert positions in a skilled team, and you have more than five years of experience, send us a free-form job application with salary expectations.


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